Insurance Services

American Specialty offers more than 50 specialized Property & Casualty and Accident & Health insurance products on behalf of our top-rated insurance carrier partners of the highest quality financial integrity. The strong capital base of our chosen carriers represents the stability required to assume the inherent risks associated with the Sports, Recreation, and Entertainment industries. American Specialty's Underwriting and Client Services staff are second-to-none. Our skilled and trusted staff possesses the depth of knowledge and specialty experience required to fully understand and capably service the unique day-to-day needs of our clients' business operations.

We offer specialized property & casualty and accident & health products through exclusive underwriting management and preferred relationships with A.M. Best “A” rated or higher insurance companies. The Sports and Entertainment industry requires a variety of specialized insurance programs and coverages.  American Specialty provides over 26 different types of insurance coverages. Our underwriters possess extensive experience in the Sports and Entertainment industry and are knowledgeable, responsible, and committed to a great customer experience.

Claims Services

Sports, Recreation and Entertainment claims require specialized technical expertise to effectively manage losses. For over two decades, American Specialty's deep-seated Claims team has been entrusted to successfully manage the unique claims needs of our clients by providing creative, yet practical, solutions to the challenges often associated within this dynamic industry. American Specialty is authorized to manage General Liability, Property, Automobile, and Participant Accident Medical claims on behalf of our top-rated insurance carrier partners.

We are third-party administrators for self-insured and insured programs for liability, auto, property, and participant accident coverages. Sports and Entertainment claims require specialized expertise to effectively manage losses.  We specialize in general liability, property, auto, and accident medical claims for self-insured and insured programs on behalf of select A.M. Best "A" rated companies. Our claims management "advantage" is founded upon our core principles and strategies.

Risk Management Services

A critical component to any successful business operation is the implementation of an effective Risk Management Program. Our proactive-to-preventative approach to managing risk is specifically designed to empower clients to take control and manage the risk factors present in their day-to-day business activities. Risk Management services include comprehensive evaluations, inspections, and operational assessments to identify loss exposures and loss trends, and tools to prepare and plan for potential disruptive events.

Our portfolio of risk management tools and services is tailored to the specific industry our clients serve. These tools and services are designed to assist our clients to better manage risk by:  1) identifying loss exposures and loss trends; 2) increasing defensibility; and 3) preparing for disruptive events. Examples of some of our services include:

American Specialty Risk Manager (ASRM) – Included for all American Specialty clients, ASRM is a client-specific secured website that provides a centralized repository for the management and storage of insurance, claims and risk management information. The ASRM incorporates the following categories to help clients better manage risk:

  • Insurance Manager – View current and historical policy information from the Policy Repository.
  • Certificate Manager – Request an additional insured Certificate of Insurance or retrieve a previously requested Certificate of Insurance. 
  • Claims Manager – Report an incident to our claims department or review loss runs.
  • Risk Manager – Access to our library of risk management material that is continuously updated and tailored to the specific industry our clients serve.

Risk management information includes the following:

  • Template Manuals
  • Sample Training Materials
  • Safety Checklists
  • Risk Alerts and Safety Bulletins

ON-SITE EVALUATION SERVICES – Comprehensive evaluation that identifies loss exposures and evaluates a client’s overall ability to manage risk. The evaluation consists of a physical inspection of the client’s facility, an in-depth evaluation of the mission critical components of the client’s operations, and a review of the client’s written policies and procedures with respect to safety and risk management. A written report is developed for the client detailing the observations and recommendations with supporting photographs and videos from the evaluation. Offered as a fee for service.

BUSINESS CONTINUITY AND CRISIS RESPONSE PLANNING - Assessment and planning strategies that help clients prepare for, respond to and recover from disruptive events. Offered as a fee for service.

DISASTER RESPONSE CALL CENTER SERVICE – In cooperation with a leading crisis response firm, this service provides the capacity to manage a large volume of telephone calls created by a large-scale critical incident/disaster and is staffed entirely by trained behavioral health professionals.  Offered as a fee for service.

For further information about American Specialty’s Risk Management services or risk management questions, contact:

Senior Vice President, Risk Services
American Specialty Insurance & Risk Services, Inc.
Direct: 260-755-7251 
Cell: 260-341-7989
Fax: 260-969-4729

Technology Tools

American Specialty has created a portfolio of proprietary technology tools that enable our clients to manage their insurance, risk management, and claims management programs in a secured environment. Client services include:

  • American Specialty Risk Manager (ASRM) — ASRM is a client-specific secured website that provides a centralize repository for the management and storage of insurance, risk management, and claims information.
  • American Specialty Certificate Manager — An online system which enables clients to request and retrieve a Certificate of Insurance on a real-time basis and provides a repository for future reference in the event of a claim.
  • Insurance Policy Manager — An online repository of in-force and expired insurance policies for easy reference.
  • Client-Branded Insurance Website Development — American Specialty creates client-branded websites to facilitate distribution and purchase of insurance and related information and materials. These websites can be constructed as independent branded tools integrated with a client's existing website.