Program Availability

Programs available in all 50 states.

  • General Liability (including Professional Liability and Abuse & Molestation)
  • Liquor Liability
  • Automobile
  • Accident Medical
  • Excess Liability
  • Property
  • Inland Marine
  • Workers’ Compensation (Health Clubs only)
Coverage Available

Carrier rated A+, XV by A.M. Best. Programs offered on an admitted basis nationwide.

Dance Studios

Dance studio owners have many important assets to protect, and dance studio insurance from American Specialty Express provides cost-effective, reliable insurance to help cover the studio’s programs and activities, in addition to certain off-premises activities such as competitions, demonstrations, recitals, parades and fundraisers. Acceptable styles include, but are not limited to, ballet, ballroom, clogging, Irish, jazz, Latin, salsa, swing, rumba and tap.

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Fitness Studios

Exercise your right to ensure your client has the most comprehensive coverage for all their studio entails. Whether the studio focuses on bodybuilding, weight loss or hitting the gym for an end-of-the-day workout, partnering with American Specialty is the answer.

Insurance built specifically for fitness studios offers the ability to tailor coverage to the needs of each individual business. Fitness centers, single-use gyms, yoga studios, barre studios and Pilates studios are all eligible for coverage. Our program even stretches to allow independent instructors to be added as insureds.

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Health Clubs

Whether you have a high-end club with spa services, a budget-friendly gym with only weights and exercise equipment or a racquet and swim club, we can design and deliver an insurance program to meet your unique needs. We have also developed industry-leading franchise insurance programs, driven by some one of the best technology platforms in the insurance programs marketplace.

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Client injuries are one of the biggest concerns for fitness instructors and personal trainers. American Specialty provides liability protection for instructors teaching classes and working with individual clients. There is no additional charge for certificates of insurance, including additional insured status. Coverage is provided for an annual term with options for higher limits of coverage.

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Martial Arts Schools

Martial arts studios and schools have important people and assets to protect: students, instructors, property, reputation, finances and more. While students learn techniques to protect their health and well-being, facility owners must practice the same discipline in protecting the business’s assets. Even when everything is run with precise attention to detail and the utmost commitment to safety, unexpected accidents and injuries can happen. Martial arts insurance helps to protect against costly claims that would cause severe financial damage without insurance.

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Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers work hard to ensure their clients’ health and wellness. Personal trainer insurance works just as hard to make sure the trainer’s financial well-being is protected. Every time a personal trainer steps into their role, whether at the gym, in a studio or at a client’s home, there’s the potential for an accident. Despite best efforts and professionalism, unforeseen accidents can happen. Personal trainer insurance helps to protect against financial losses that can result from damage to equipment, injury to a client and allegations the personal trainer did not fulfill their professional duties.

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