Are minimum volume commitments required to be appointed as an agent?

No, agency minimums are not required for appointment.

Does American Specialty operate outside the United States?

Businesses domiciled inside the US but have temporary operations outside the US are generally acceptable. American Specialty does not insure businesses domiciled outside the US.

Does the same agency appointment work for American Specialty Express?

Yes. All appointed agents have access to the programs available through American Specialty Express. If you need your broker access code, please email

How are agents appointed?

Appointment is simple. Complete the Broker Agreement along with providing the following documents: W-9, Agency License, Evidence of Professional Liability and Fidelity coverage. Documents can be found on our Agent Resources page.

How are claims reported?

Claims are reported to American Specialty’s Claims Department. Contact our claims department at

How can I find an agent who represents American Specialty products?

If your agent can’t or won’t access our products, contact us at 1-800-245-2744 and we can help connect you with an agent.

In which states does American Specialty operate?

American Specialty is licensed and operates in all 50 states. Businesses which outside the United States on a temporary basis are generally acceptable.

Where are new business accounts submitted?

If you don’t know the right contact for a submission, please send to

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