Americans have long valued live entertainment, whether during times of economic booms or busts.  Entertainment is woven throughout the fabric of our society and we are proud to have designed insurance programs for organizations which have served society and families, sometimes for generations.  Whether you are looking to insure events, performances, or activities, we can help! Check out our programs that insure all forms of family-friendly entertainment!

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- General Liability (including Abuse & Molestation)
- Liquor Liability
- Automobile
- Excess Liability
- Property (including Crime)
- Inland Marine
- Workers’ Compensation*

*Most classes of Entertainment

Coverage Available

Carrier rated A+, XV by A.M. Best
Programs offered on an admitted basis nationwide


When it comes to planning a concert, don’t forget to book insurance! Great bands and performers make the event memorable, but concert insurance gives peace-of-mind to the concert promoter. From securing the venue to protecting the financial well-being of the promoter, concert insurance is the first step toward ensuring a successful show.

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eSports Venues

While eSports competitions take place in the virtual world, physical spaces to play, practice, watch, and host live eSports events are popping up everywhere. As we speak, existing venues are being converted and new facilities are being designed and constructed to host live play and support the new demands of this emerging industry. We look forward to working together to craft the right insurance program for your eSports facility. As traditional sports and eSports converge and entertainment venues expand to meet the needs, let’s welcome in this new era together!

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Event & Concert Promoters

Unlike the lead singer in the band, nobody wants insurance to have to play the starring role.  However, without insurance, the show can’t go on!  That’s where our concert and event promoter insurance program is ready to take the stage.  Despite the best of intentions, things can go wrong like a crew member getting hurt by stage equipment, an over-rowdy fan in the crowd, or property damage to the venue during load-in and load-out.  If these things happen, you want to make sure you’re working with an insurance company that is considered a headliner, not some opening act.

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Special events take place literally every day throughout the country ranging in scope from a large, national draw that takes place once every few years, to smaller regional draws that happen every year on the same weekend, or even those that take place over a series of weeks.  Have a sports event?  We have a program for that too!

Have a smaller event like a wedding, birthday party, award ceremony, conference or recital you need to insure? We offer coverage for over 150 event types.
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Fairs & Festivals

Our appetite is as diverse as the fair and festival industry.  State fairs, local 4-H fairs, music festivals, food festivals, and holiday-themed or religious-themed festivals all fit the mold of our Fair & Festival program.  And while you’re here, don’t forget about our Vendors & Exhibitor’s program at American Specialty Express!

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Live Music Venues

Gone are the days when live music venues were relegated only to places like Los Angeles or Nashville.  Today, live music venues are one of the fastest growing segments of the Entertainment niche and can be found in any metropolitan area in the country.  Whether you need insurance for a jazz club, a honky tonk, or a venue that draws rock or Top 40 cover bands, we have just the ticket.  Liquor liability is also available, and like all our programs, our Live Music Venue program is written on admitted paper nationwide!

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Movie Theaters

Nothing says entertainment like dinner and a movie. Movie theaters bring us that big-screen viewing experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Today, many movie theaters are enhancing the viewing experience with additional offerings from luxury seating to fine-dining menus and craft cocktails. Some movie theaters offer bowling, kids play zones, and private party rentals. At American Specialty, we say the more entertainment the better! We meet the insurance needs of movie theaters across the entire spectrum. Eligible theaters range from traditional movie houses to those changing up the traditional viewing experience. Relax and enjoy the show while we deliver an insurance program worthy of its own premiere screening.

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