From coverage to claims, we make it easier.

At American Specialty, we firmly believe that insurance should be about what you need, and not what we need from you. We help you succeed by keeping things as convenient as possible. That’s why—from coverage through claims—we make it easier. Help your clients spend more time doing what they love, and less time worrying about it.

That’s what special feels like.


If you are looking for an insurance provider for the Sports, Leisure and Entertainment industries, you’ve come to the right place. We offer specialized property, casualty, accident and health products through exclusive underwriting management and preferred relationships with A.M. Best “A” rated or higher insurance companies. We also act as third-party administrators for a variety of self-insured and insured programs, and our risk management portfolio includes helpful insights to address the risk management challenges of operations, facilities and large crowds.

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We have learned that the more we listen and respond to what our agents need, the more successful we’ll become as a company. ”
Drew Smith, President of American Specialty
Why Work with American Specialty?
From onboarding new clients to processing claims, we’ll make your life easier with our unmatched customer service, responsiveness and industry expertise. Find out why so many agents, CSRs, producers and marketing managers all choose American Specialty.
  • Simple appointment process
  • Exceptional claims management
  • Endorsements customized to your clients’ needs
  • No volume commitments
  • Simplified renewal process
  • Policies delivered within 5 days of binding
  • Simple and efficient submission process
  • Prompt and accurate policy and endorsement issuance
  • Endorsements typically issued within 7 days of request
Did You Know...

In the last three years, American Specialty has increased our agent distribution by over 55%. More and more agencies have learned that there are other insurance options available for the Sports, Leisure and Entertainment industries, and they’re choosing American Specialty as their #1 market for their clients' needs.

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You can always expect quick turnarounds on endorsements, policy delivery and proposal requests.

Our Team

Our outstanding team has extensive knowledge and deep-rooted experience within the Sports, Leisure and Entertainment industries. Many of our teammates have even worked in these industries, and they utilize their firsthand knowledge to better serve our clients. It all adds up to American Specialty being able to offer you specialty products that meet today’s risks and exposures.