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- Early identification and proactive investigation are required to best defend, manage, and resolve claims.

SPECIAL DEFENSES - Proper utilization of special defenses unique to the Sports and Entertainment industry is essential to the successful resolution of claims. Such special defenses include waiver and release of liability, assumption of risk, contractual risk transfer and indemnification, and statutory immunity and liability limitations.

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT - Our Adjusters have expertise in the interpretation and utilization of insurance provisions and indemnity obligations contained in our clients’ contracts. This proficiency is essential  to ensure that losses are paid by the responsible parties and to protect the interests of our clients.

LEGAL PRECEDENT - Our appeal strategy not only protects our clients’ interests, but also the interests of the Sports and Entertainment industry. This strategy has resulted in case law critical to the defensibility of claims involving waiver and release, assumption of risk, common carrier, and dangerous instrumentality.

NATIONAL KEY COUNSEL NETWORK - Our defense counsel network is comprised of proven experts in defending Sports and Entertainment claims. Working as a team with our adjusters and clients, our Key Counsel panel is committed to achieving the best outcomes for our clients.

THINK-TANK APPROACH - Traditional companies manage claims and underwriting in silos. Our “think-tank” approach, where underwriting and claims work as one integrated team, is the most effective method to develop programs customized to the specific needs of our clients.

PROPRIETARY ONLINE SYSTEM - Our proprietary claims management system was created exclusively  for the specialized requirements of the Sports and Entertainment industry. It provides real-time access in a secure environment for the benefit of our clients, adjusters, and insurers.

INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP - Our executive claims managers are recognized industry leaders and contribute to the Sports and Entertainment industry through publications and public speaking.

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