League of American BicyclistsLeague of American Bicyclists
American Specialty Directors & Officers Liability Insurance ProgramAmerican Specialty Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Program

Hypothetical Claims Scenarios
Claims Alleging Discrimination
  • Age, Gender, National Origin, Physical or Mental Disability, Race, Sexual Orientation, etc.
  • Brought by players, coaches, volunteers, spectators, or any other third party.


  • The parents of a participant sue the league after their daughter is prevented from playing on a boy’s lacrosse team.  The president of the league cites the existence of the community’s girls lacrosse league as the reason for the denial of access to the boys’ team.  The parents allege gender discrimination and sue for admission to the boys’ team due to the perceived higher level of competition on the boys’ team.
  • The parents of a child with intellectual disabilities sue a sports league for disability discrimination due to the league’s failure to grant the child attendance at a league-sponsored summer camp.
  • A sports official sues for sex discrimination due to failure of the league to provide her with comparable scheduling, pay and training as her male counterparts.

Claims for Membership/Eligibility

Brought by a participant, coach or spectator for denial of access to a league or team.


A family sues the league after their son does not make the all-star team.  The family alleges that several members of the all-star team were selected because of their connections to the all-star team coaches not because of their performance.

Claims for Sexual Harassment (Not Sexual Abuse)

Brought by a participant, coach, spectator, or other third party.


A female softball assistant coach alleges that the male head coach repeatedly made sexually suggestive comments despite her objections to his behavior.  The assistant coach sues the league and the coach for sexual harassment.

NOTE:  The D&O policy does not cover claims arising out of or related to sexual abuse or molestation.  Sexual abuse is a bodily injury claim and, if covered, is typically covered under a General Liability policy.

Termination/Discharge – Removal of a Coach or Volunteer

Brought by a coach or volunteer.


A hockey coach is removed from his volunteer position after 10 years of coaching.  The league removed the coach after years of complaints that the coach was verbally abusive and too demanding for an under 12 team.  The coach sued the league alleging wrongful dismissal.