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Reporting a Claim

1. What is a Claim?

It is important to realize that “Claims” are not limited to lawsuits. Claims consist of written demands for monetary or non-monetary relief. Threatening or accusatory letters (from attorneys or otherwise); administrative charges before the EEOC or local administrative body; or even internal complaints or grievances by employees could be “Claims” and should be reported to the insurance carrier. Even if you don’t believe the matter rises to the level of a formal “Claim” it should still be reported as a potential Claim so that you don’t violate policy reporting requirements.

2. When do I report a Claim?

The policy requires that you report a Claim as soon as practicable but no later than 60 days after the expiration of the policy during which the claim is asserted. Failure to comply with these reporting requirements can result in a loss of coverage even if there is no gap in insurance policy issuance. If during the policy period, you become aware of “potential” Claim circumstances, those circumstances should be reported prior to the expiration of that policy period.

3. How do I report a Claim?

Notice of a Claim (including your contact information, policy number and any documentation regarding the Claim) may be reported via several methods:

Written Notice
Written notice of a Claim should be addressed to the following:

Philadelphia Insurance Companies
One Bala Plaza, Suite 100
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
Attention: Claims Department

Fax Notice
The information can also be faxed to Philadelphia Insurance Companies at 800-685-9238.

Online Notice
You may log onto and use the “Report a Claim” tab, then provide the requested information.

E-mail Notice
You may e-mail the Claim information to

Regardless of which method is utilized to report the Claim to Philadelphia Insurance Companies, It is recommended that you also send a copy of the claim notification to:

American Specialty Insurance & Risk Services, Inc.
7609 W Jefferson Blvd Ste 150
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Fax: 260-969-4729

4. What Happens After I Report a Claim?

After you report a Claim, Philadelphia Insurance Companies will set up a file, assign a Claim Number, and a Claims Examiner will contact you to address the matter further.